Our Mission


Expanding Horizons’ academic support, social-emotional learning, and enrichment opportunities for Bridgeport students by providing funding, sharing best practices, and developing community relationships that support program growth.

Our Approach

All children deserve the opportunity to realize their potential, regardless of family income.

Horizons Bridgeport successfully closes gaps in opportunity so youth from low-income families can live empowered, choice-filled lives.

Students begin their journey with Horizons in Kindergarten, and return year after year through high school. As children grow, our out-of-school-time academic and enrichment programs provide a safe and encouraging space for students to discover the joy of learning, the skills for success, and the inspiration to realize and achieve their dreams.

Teachers, staff, and volunteers develop powerful long-term relationships with students and families, and establish an enduring community of support. Further, our curriculum is infused with important social and emotional concepts that help our students develop the persistence, self-confidence and social competence to succeed in an increasingly competitive and complex world. At Horizons, students “learn by doing,” and become inspired as they explore reading, math, science, music, arts, swimming, and more. Given these opportunities, Horizons students thrive.

Horizons graduates throwing their caps into the air