Student Outcomes

Chart showing 2017-2019 average monthly growth in math, reading, and early literacy over our 6-week program

Horizons has a long history of program evaluation. Over each six-week summer session, Horizons Bridgeport students show consistent gains in reading and math of 2-3 months, as measured by pre-post standardized assessments.

Horizons Bridgeport reports student growth using a three-year average. Students are tested in Early Literacy, Reading, and Math at the beginning and end of the six weeks, and their results are measured in months of growth. 

In 2019, Horizons Bridgeport recorded that 85% of students returned to the program after spending the previous summer with us. On average, 95% of our students were in attendance on any given day of the six weeks of Horizons. 100% of our high school students graduated and were accepted into 2 or 4-year colleges/universities. In addition, Horizons Bridgeport alumni currently have a 94% college persistence rate.

Evaluations consistently find that over one six-week summer session, Horizons students:

  • Improve social skills
  • Improve self-confidence and motivation
  • Have greater willingness to try new things
  • Improve school-year attendance
  • Develop greater interest in nutrition
  • Learn to swim
  • Have high satisfaction with the program